3D Videoclip for Ewa Sad, "Polo NFT", 2022
Key Visual for ANSWEAR creative competition, 2023,
3d modelLing, art direction

This is a very nice picture.
"The Thinker", featuring virtual jewellery, work exhibited
during "Blue Tricks" Exhibition in Soho House, Istanbul, 2022

No1 from the series: "Screens"
No 2 from the series: "Screens"
Reptilian fight at the reptilian gallery. Musicvideo
"Follow your tasTe", 3D animation for PEPSI, sculpted in VR, 2022
Martian Style Flip-Flops, Sculpted in VR, Art Direction, Concept Design
Music by Ewa Sad

A "Fake AD" project, "Planstera". art direction, character design.
music by Ewa sad, 2022

A set of three Halloween Videoclips for a collab of Chair Band x Margaret x Ta Ukrainka x Ofxord Drama.
Art direction, character design, direction, sculpted in VR

From the "Fakead" project, "BuysBoys", Art direction, character design, car design, sculpted in VR, 2022
music: ewa sad

Impression from the Woods
VR Photoshoot, featuring new car, Art Direction, Sculpted in VR, 2022
sneaker concept, sculpted in vr, rendered in blender
A set of videoclips from outer space, "Martian Haircut" and "Space Goats",
Art Direction and VR sculpting
music by ewa sad

various other projects, 2021-2022
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